Hive inauguration

We celebrated the signing of the ATP (for those unfamiliar with hi-tech jargon: Acceptance Test Procedure) of our Faculty's new computer cluster: The Hive. We also received news that we got the ISF institutional equipment grant we applied for, so double the celebration!

Igor Chebotar, Yair Bellehsen, Nimrod Lahav, Eyal Privman, Doron Chelouche, and Mickey Kosloff raising their glasses in honor of the Hive

Israel Science Foundation grant to fund a new research program on desert ants!

Our lab received generous funding from the ISF that will allow a new research program into the evolution and genomic basis of social recognition in Israeli desert ants (Cataglyphis), in collaboration with the lab of Abraham Hefetz from Tel Aviv University. New positions are now available for research students (both M.Sc. and Ph.D.) and postdocs. The project will involve genome and transcriptome sequencing (next generation sequencing) and population genetic analyses. Candidates should have training/experience in molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Israeli Bioinformatics Symposium 2015

Our lab starred in IBS 2015! Rana presented the first poster from our group on the evolution of odorant receptors in seven ant species and Eyal gave a talk on the odorant receptors of the fire ant's social chromosome.

And next year we're hosting the IBS in Haifa!


Cataglyphis digging season begins!

We began our Cataglyphis digging season in Bezet beach (close to Rosh Hanikra). It was lots of fun and hard work! We came back with 4 nests. Many more ahead!

 Digging Cataglyphis in Bezet beach