Our lab received another NSF-BSF grant(!!!) in collaboration with the labs of Mickey Kosloff (at Haifa) and Juergen Liebig (at ASU).
We are recruiting Ph.D. student and postdoc:
NSF-BSF funded positions for a Ph.D. student and a postdoc are available in the University of Haifa, Israel. The students will work under the join supervision of Dr. Eyal Privman and Dr. Mickey Kosloff. The Privman lab studies evolutionary genomics of social behavior in ants, employing tools from population genomics, genomic mapping, and phylogenomics. Ongoing research includes several projects combining population sampling, behavioral experiments, chemical analysis of pheromones, genomic sequencing, and computational analysis (see https://privman.haifa.ac.il/). The Kosloff lab studies protein-protein interaction specificity in large protein families using computational protein structure and binding analyses at the atomic level, as well as redesigning and engineering proteins in vitro to modulate signaling networks. On going research projects focus on proteins that server as drug targets for the treatment of cancer, hypertension, and neurological (see http://koslofflab.haifa.ac.il/).
The new positions will be funded by an NSF-BSF grant for a collaboration with the group of Prof. Juergen Liebig at Arizona State University. The project aims to dissect the molecular basis for the evolution of olfactory recognition of chemical signals (pheromones) in ants. The Haifa-based teams will conduct evolutionary and structural analysis of hundreds of odorant receptors to prioritize candidates for experimental investigation by the ASU team. The study will entail sequencing and analysis of new genomes from multiple species. The successful candidates will participate in an interdisciplinary team and interact closely with the experimental investigators. The computational analyses will be conducted in Haifa, using our high-performance computer cluster. Therefore, candidates should have experience and/or motivation to learn bioinformatics, evolutionary and structural genomics.
The Faculty of Natural Sciences of University of Haifa offers a supportive, dynamic, diverse, multicultural and multilingual working environment. The Faculty hosts research groups working on a diverse, interdisciplinary spectrum of topics (see http://sciences.haifa.ac.il/sciwp/wordpress/page/4/). Students will have access to leading researchers with expertise in genomics and bioinformatics, molecular biology and evolution. Professional training opportunities in these fields are available in the University of Haifa and in other Israeli institutes, including advanced courses, workshops and conferences. Although the common language in Israel is Hebrew, there are many foreign researchers and students in the Faculty and all activities are conducted in English, including seminars, advanced courses, workshops and conferences. The Faculty offers state-of-the-art facilities and professional support for molecular biology research in general and genomics in particular, as well as a high-performance computer cluster for bioinformatic analysis.
Please send your application to Dr. Eyal Privman: eprivman@univ.haifa.ac.il
and Dr. Mickey Kosloff: kosloff@sci.haifa.ac.il
Informal inquiries are also welcome.
The application should include a cover letter with a short description of research experience, research interests, and why you are interested to join our lab, your CV, and the contact details of 2-3 referees.