Our lab participated in the meeting of the Israel Zoological Society (in Jerusalem) and the first ever meeting of the Israeli Society of Evolutionary Biology (ISEB 2019, in Tel Aviv). Pnina gave a talk on reconstructing the evolutionary history of the fire ant social chromosome in ISEB and Eyal gave a talk on mapping genes for chemical communication (our QTL mapping study) in the zoological meeting.

It was especially nice to see the large community of evolutionary biologists in Israel come together for a very impressive conference, with two full days of three high-quality parallel session and five great plenary talks, including the wonderful Dan Graur. Eyal participated in the organization of the conference (check out the amazing website: https://sites.google.com/view/iseb2019/).

On the day of the day of the meeting, a whole show of “שלושה שיודעים” on כאן תרבות radio was dedicated to the conference, to evolutionary science in Israel, and to evolution in general. Eyal, Eran Tauber, and Lilach Hadany interviewed on the show, representing the organizing team. Check it out: