Our lab participated in IUSSI 2022 (the meeting of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects) in San Diego, which is the ultimate opportunity to meet social insect researchers from all over the world, learn about all sorts of studies that are advancing the frontiers of our field, and of course to present our own! Eyal gave a talk on adaptive evolution of Solenopsis fire ants; Felix presented a poster on the new webtool “ddgRADer” that he developed to aid the design of RAD-sequencing experiments (check it out here!), Volans presented a poster on the first micriobiome analysis of Cataglyphis niger that revealed significant differences between social forms (monogyne and polygyne colonies); and Aparna gave a groundbreaking (remote) talk announcing the discovery of a supergene associated with social form (a.k.a. “social chromosome”)!