IBS 2016


For the first time in IBS history we hosted the symposium at the University of Haifa, and it was a huge success! Close to 400 participants attended from all over the country. We had great lectures from young bioinfo researchers from all Israeli universities, and a local keynote lecture by our own Abraham Korol on challenges of genomic mapping. The success of the event was not hampered even by the last minute notice that the foreign keynote speaker would not be able to attend in person. We have arranged a videoconferencing connection to the Max Planck at Dresden and Gene Myers gave the opening keynote lecture with no glitches. We also had the best food, coffee and drinks in all IBS history – as the photos show:

The Hecht auditorium almost full

Gene Myers’ keynote lecture over videoconference

The organizing committee, from left to right: Chen Yanover (IBM Research), Sagi Snir, Adi Livnat, Mickey Kosloff, Eva Leman, and Eyal Privman