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Byzantine grapes paper out!

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Pnina’s paper on ancient DNA population genomic analysis of grapes from the Byzantine era is out in PNAS!

Ancient DNA is so cool! It allows us to see how the grapes that grew in the Nabatean cities in the Negev desert a thousand years ago are related to modern plants living in our region today. We could even figure out the color of the grapes! One ancient sample was a dark grape and another was light. We can tell that from genetic loci that are known to be associated with the color in modern grapes (Quantitative Trait Loci; QTL).

Pnina lead this study in the ancient DNA lab of Meirav Meiri in Tel Aviv University in collaboration with the archeology team of Guy Bar-Oz in the University of Haifa, but we still consider her of the lab! (and Eyal helped a little with the pop-gen analyses)