Bristol visit

Eyal visited the lab of Nathalie Stroeymeyt in Bristol. They have a super cool system to study the effect of pathogens on the social interaction network of ant colonies!

Deborah's samples landed!

Felix have just received, safe and sound, the shipment of a large collection of samples from Deborah Gordon's lab. These priceless samples were collected over many years from their study population of Pogonomyrmex barbatus harvester ants, so we were very worried about this shipment. We did our best to avoid any issues and delays, and finally it all worked out fine!

Eyal lands in London

Here's Eyal in front of his home for a one year sabbatical in London! He will be hosted in UCL by Ziheng Yang and Seirian Sumner. With the Yang group, the idea would be to apply their most advanced methods (BPP) to species delimitation of Cataglyphis desert ants. With the Sumner group, collaboration will be developed to look at molecular evolution of their lovely wasp genomes.

Supergene seminar in UCL

Eyal gave a seminar in UCL on our studies of social chromosomes. This was in the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment where is he is doing a sabbatical.

Congratulations Dr. Pnina Cohen!

Mazal tov! We celebrated Pnina's PhD today with a concluding PhD lecture ("public defense") and the general ceremony of the University for awarding the PhD diplomas of the past year. Pnina's thesis was already approved recently. It was titled:

Genomic Studies of Demographic History and Evolution of Sociobiological Traits in Ants

Well done Pnina and all the best for your future studies!