Rana and Pnina received their M.Sc. diplomas! Pnina is already on track for her direct Ph.D. and Rana will hopefully also come back soon to continue her studies

Rana and Pnina receive their M.Sc

First made-in-Israel RADseq library

A big day for the lab! We got the sequencing results for the first RADseq (Restriction-site Associated DNA sequencing) library, and they look great! Shani built this library from 117 brothers (male drones collected from one nest in Bezet). QC of the samples and library went very well and the output from the sequencer looks amazing:

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first RADseq library constructed in Israel. Well done Shani!

Conference season

We attended two insect/social-insect conferences this summer: the meeting of the European Sections of the IUSSI in Helsinki and the American IUSSI satellite meeting of the huge ICE 2016 in Orlando. Pnina, Tal, Daphi, and Eyal presented in talks and posters and we got some recognition from the international social insect community. ICE in Orlando was huge: 6000+ participants, 40+ symposia in parallel, for a full week! Overwhelming, super informative and productive! We met with our American collaborators, especially Etya Amsalem who just started her new lab in Penn State and DeWayne Shoemaker, and we got to know many of the leading people in the field and also learn a lot about other fields in insect science.

Poster prize to Tal!

Gratulations Tal on the best poster prize in the meeting of the Zoological Society of Israel!

Pop science in Nola Socks

Eyal gave a talk in the Nola Socks pub on "The paradox of the evolution of altruism", from Darwin's ants to our genomic age research of the molecular basis of social evolution. The place was packed and lots of people expressed their interest!