BSF grant to study genome evolution

We won a BSF grant together with Jessica Purcell and Alan Brelsford from UC Riverside, and also in collaboration with the GAGA consortium. In this four-year project we will construct genomic maps (linkage maps) for ten formicine species. The same species will have a reference genome sequenced by GAGA. This will allow reconstructing the evolution of chromosomes along the phylogeny and the study of evolution of recombination rate variation along the genome. We will look at aspects of genome evolution related to the evolution of sociality, especially the evolution of social chromosome(s).

First made-in-Israel RADseq library

A big day for the lab! We got the sequencing results for the first RADseq (Restriction-site Associated DNA sequencing) library, and they look great! Shani built this library from 117 brothers (male drones collected from one nest in Bezet). QC of the samples and library went very well and the output from the sequencer looks amazing:

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first RADseq library constructed in Israel. Well done Shani!


Rana and Pnina received their M.Sc. diplomas! Pnina is already on track for her direct Ph.D. and Rana will hopefully also come back soon to continue her studies

Rana and Pnina receive their M.Sc

Poster prize to Tal!

Gratulations Tal on the best poster prize in the meeting of the Zoological Society of Israel!