Rana's odorant receptor paper published

Rana's evolutionary study of the gene family of the odorant receptors (ORs) in ants was published in Genome Biology and Evolution! We found evidence for widespread positive selection following the extensive duplications of ORs in all ant lineages. Positively selected amino acid sites were especially concentrated around the putative ligand binding site, which indicates adaptive evolution of these receptors to recognize more diverse odors. We suggest that ant ORs evolved to recognize new and more diverse vocabulary of pheromones that they use for chemical communication.


First made-in-Israel RADseq library

A big day for the lab! We got the sequencing results for the first RADseq (Restriction-site Associated DNA sequencing) library, and they look great! Shani built this library from 117 brothers (male drones collected from one nest in Bezet). QC of the samples and library went very well and the output from the sequencer looks amazing:

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first RADseq library constructed in Israel. Well done Shani!


Rana and Pnina received their M.Sc. diplomas! Pnina is already on track for her direct Ph.D. and Rana will hopefully also come back soon to continue her studies

Rana and Pnina receive their M.Sc

Poster prize to Tal!

Gratulations Tal on the best poster prize in the meeting of the Zoological Society of Israel!