Broadening the M.Sc. program in bioinformatics

The existing M.Sc. program in bioinformatics will be broadened next year. The program is currently within the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology. Next year it will be broadened to make it relevant to all biological departments. The current requirements for undergraduate training in computer science will be changed and we will accept graduates of biological B.Sc programs. Some of the courses will be adapted and a new "Introduction to Bioinformatics" course will be taught jointly by Daniel Sher (Marine Biology) and Eyal Privman (Evolutionary Biology).

For more information see the program's web site.

European grant for postdoc/researcher position!

The lab can now hire a researcher or postdoc from a recently won grant (Marie Curie CIG), which may develop to a permanent position. Candidates holding a Ph.D in molecular biology, genomics, computational biology or related fields with experience in bioinformatics / computational research of biological sequence data are welcome to contact us. The grant will allow the development of a new study system for social evolution in a local Mediterranean ant species, in collaboration with Prof. Abraham Hefetz (TAU).

Position filled

Join our team!

Graduate student positions are available! If you are interested in computational biology research and the evolutionary genomics of social insects please to contact us. Candidates should have a B.Sc. in life sciences and/or computer science with some foundations in bioinformatics.